We are a young, innovative startup company based in Germany with worldwide access to imaging technology. We are competent in geo-informatics and machine learning with lots of international experience. We work at the innovative edge of technology together with our partners, to combine current research with real business applications.

The name “TerraLoupe” originates from “Terra” (lat. ground, terrain) and “Loupe”, the technical expression for magnifying glass.


We provide you with high resolution airborn image acquisition and object recognition of geo-specific 3D information. Our abilities cover 3D virtual reality solutions based on very precise remote sensing imagery of large areas in cm-accuracy. Our intelligent algorithms classify image content adapted to your needs. Basically, we acquire geo images, write code, and we train object recognition algorithms to find the small pieces of relevance in Big Data. By combining high-resolution geo data with image analytics, we supply you and your company with inside view and valuable reports.

TerraLoupe is about unlocking detailed insight and unbounded analytics of precise geo imagery to offer solutions for real and industry specific needs.


TerraLoupe portrayed in Süddeutsche Zeitung
23. November 2016

“Manuela Rasthofer beugt sich über ihren Laptop und öffnet ein Luftbild der Stadt Regensburg. Sie gibt ein, was der Computer erkennen soll. Auf welchen Dächern sind Glasfenster? Wo Solarzellen? Wie breit ist die Straße in der Kirchgasse? Wo stehen Straßenschilder? Der Computer markiert all das mit roten Quadraten.

TerraLoupe takes first place at “Start?Zuschuss!”
2. November 2016

TerraLoupe wins Bavarian “Förderprogramm Start?Zuschuss!” price and says thank you to Mr. State Secretary Pschierer.

TerraLoupe wins the last round of WECONOMY 2016
27. October 2016

At the weekend, Manuela Rasthofer and Christian Schaub presented the potential impact of TerraLoupe’s innovative technology and held private discussions with TOP managers of the German economy such as Dr. Lienhard CEO of Voith GmbH